The AMM Fantasy Art Collecting game is our attempt to make following the art market more exciting and engaging.

Not everyone who is knowledgeable about art and interested in the art market can bid auctions. But there are a lot interested parties who know—or think they know—a lot about the value of some works of art who are not able to bid. Sometimes it is a lack of money.

In other cases, players might have more market knowledge than interest in owning a particular lot. These persons may have an interest in the outcome of a lot but will not bid because they don’t want to own it or they don’t have a client who wants to own it.

There are really too many reasons to list why an auction only engages a small number of those interested in its outcome.

The AMM Fantasy Art Collecting game is our attempt to create a venue where more of those who are interested in market results can engage in a way that is fun, competitive and, ultimately, informative.

Why Do You Offer Prizes?

Our players have found that prizes make the experience of following the auctions more exciting. Players pay closer attention to the bidding when they have a stake in the outcome of the auction. The prizes are an incentive to play but hardly the only reward that comes from playing the game.

How Does AMM Fantasy Art Collecting relate to Art Market Monitor and the AMMpro subscription service?

Although each of these services operates separately, all three aspects of Art Market Monitor are meant to complement each other. Art Market Monitor—the website, newsletter and podcast—provides a single source of information about all the important news that influences the art market. AMMpro provides data and commentary on auctions, artists’ markets and the business of art dealing to subscribers. The AMM Fantasy Art Collecting game gives our readers and subscribers a way to use the information they get from the other two services.